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FOCUS – ENERGY – ELEVATION – CLEAR MINDED SERENITY  This Kratom strain is dried longer than traditional Yellow strains and therefore provides stronger effects of energy, focus and elevation.   
ELEVATION – BALANCE – CLEAR MINDED SERENITY  Elephant strains come from the largest, oldest kratom trees making the harvests from these trees contain more alkaloids than usual. In addition Green Elephant is dried longer than other Green...
BALANCE – FULL BODY TRANQUILITY – STRESS RELIEF  This Kratom strain provides a sense of balanced energy and tranquility. Some individuals experience level relaxation with this strain as well which makes it good for individuals...
ENERGY – ELEVATION- CLASSIC – STARTER  Green Maeng Da is an excellent promoter of energy and feelings of elevation. Great for enhancing mood. 
CLASSIC – FOCUS – CLEAR MINDED SERENITY – ENERGY  This Kratom strain heavily increases mind stimulation and gives you a sense of clear minded blissfulness. This is also one of the most popular Kratom strains. 
Capsules are a great method for using kratom for a variety of reasons. Our capsules come in the 000 size which is the largest available. Be careful when buying capsules as some vendors use 00...
STARTER – CLASSIC – FULL BODY RELAXATION  One of the most classic Kratom strains known for full body relaxation and Red Bali is the perfect strain for those new to Kratom. 
 FOCUS – STRESS RELIEF- FULL BODY SERENITY  This relaxing Borneo Kratom strain gives you strong stress relief and the ability to focus without making you too drowsy. Great for daytime use and for those with stress triggers. 
ELEVATION – FULL BODY TRANQUILITY -PHYSICAL COMFORT  Red Horn is a rich red strain. It provides strong full body relaxation effects and is often taken in less dosages than other red strains. It promotes stress relief and taken for curbing physical discomfort....
CLASSIC – STARTER – FULL BODY TRANQUILITY  This Kratom strain is best known for its amazing tranquility effects. It is comes with full body relaxation while still being good for day time use. Great for those starting Kratom. 
ELEVATION – CLEAR MINDED SERENITY – STRESS RELIEF   White Horn is a strong white strain known for its ability to help you relax at work without making you tired.The perfect balance of energy and relaxation. It provides strong clear...
CLEAR MINDED SERENITY – BALANCE – CLASSIC  This Kratom strain has a strong energetic effect and it also gives you a strong stress relieving feeling. Great for day time pain relief with balanced energy. 
BALANCE – FOCUS – STRESS RELIEF – ELEVATION  This Kratom strain is a mildly relaxing with a level balance of energy. It keeps you focused and feeling blissful. 
FULL BODY TRANQUILITY- FOCUS – MOOD – STRESS RELIEF  Yellow Sumatra is a rare strain of Kratom obtained from the drier leaves of the Red and White Sumatra plant; therefore, it is provides blissful happiness, mild focus, a strong clear minded...
FULL BODY TRANQUILITY-MOOD- STRESS RELIEF – ELEVATION  This Kratom is made from with a different, slightly longer drying process and therefore gives off a stronger sense of full body tranquility. Great for stressful days and...

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