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STARTER – CLASSIC – FULL BODY RELAXATION  One of the most classic Kratom strains known for full body relaxation and Red Bali is the perfect strain for those new to Kratom. 
ELEVATION – FULL BODY TRANQUILITY -PHYSICAL COMFORT  Red Horn is a rich red strain. It provides strong full body relaxation effects and is often taken in less dosages than other red strains. It promotes stress relief and taken for curbing physical discomfort....
CLASSIC – STARTER – FULL BODY TRANQUILITY  This Kratom strain is best known for its amazing tranquility effects. It is comes with full body relaxation while still being good for day time use. Great for those starting Kratom. 
 FOCUS – STRESS RELIEF- FULL BODY SERENITY  This relaxing Borneo Kratom strain gives you strong stress relief and the ability to focus without making you too drowsy. Great for daytime use and for those with stress triggers. 

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