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5 Thoughtful Facts about Kratom

  • By - Guillermo Rojo
  • 13 June, 2022

Kratom pills have grown in popularity as a natural stress reliever and antidepressant. The substance is occasionally referred to as a nutritional supplement, but the federal government does not regulate it. However, because kratom capsules have opioid-like properties, they could lead to habit.

Following are some of the five thoughtful facts about real Kratom.


1.     Kratom comes from a tropical tree that grows in Southeast Asia.


Kratom is a powdered substance derived from the leaves of a tropical coffee tree.

According to the American Kratom Association, this tree is abundantly found in Southeast Asia, and the active components isolated from its leaf include mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (AKA). Mitragynine is responsible for mood-boosting and energy, whereas 7-hydroxy-mitragynine promotes sleep health and stress relief. It is botanically closely related to coffee and both plants produce alkaloids that are valued by humans around the world.


2.     Kratom's effects are adaptive and useful for many purposes.


Kratom produces a variety of alkaloids that help people with a variety of things. From feelings of energy to improved mood, it helps many people at work achieve increased productivity and feelings of positivity that get them through the day. If you are looking for this white kratom and some strains of green kratom are excellent for this due to higher mitragynine content. If you are looking for something that promotes sleep health, relaxation, and stress relief, typically some green strains and red strains, as well as yellow and gold strains are great for this due to the higher 7-hydroxymitragynine content in these strains.


3.     Apart from capsules, Kratom comes in a variety of formats.


Kratom is commonly sold in capsule form, although it also comes in tablets, extracts, and powder. Dried leaves are also used to make extracts at home or brew tea the traditional way. Crushed leaf is a great way to experience kratom.


4.     The use of kratom pills might be habit-forming.


There is a common misconception that all habit-forming substances are addictive, but this is not the case. Certain things like alcohol when dependency is advanced cause severe physical symptoms and can be dangerous when attempting to abstain from them. If a substance is habit forming it produces mental discomfort in the individual such as insomnia, irritability, mood swings, etc. If you’ve ever tried to cut back on coffee for instance this is a good example of a habit-forming substance as opposed to a physically addictive substance.  Kratom is like coffee because if you’ve used it for an extended period you could experience irritability when ceasing consumption.


5.     Kratom's habit can be overcome.


Despite the lack of research, there is strong evidence that Kratom is a bit habit forming like coffee. Kratom habit, like other habits, can be treated. Gradually decreasing the amount, you take per day in conjunction with a routine to replace the habit in your life is the best way to stop taking kratom when you feel that you no longer want to consume kratom. Think about the strategy like cutting back on coffee. If you are concerned about reducing the amount of kratom you take it is best to seek advice from a healthcare professional.


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